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Upholstered Wall and Banquettes

A modern city deserves modern business custom furniture and designs, and this wall design is exactly what every business owner needs to include in his/her establishment. Right from the main entry down to other offices, visitors can be thrilled to a new and advanced world of wall design by this creative masterpiece. It includes neat […]

Restaurant Furniture Upholstery

The restaurant environment requires a relaxing and inviting atmosphere conducive to a great dining experience. Custom upholstered restaurant furniture is exactly what restaurants in Charlotte, NC and other cities need. Elegantly designed furniture also makes the restaurant look classy and appealing. This set includes simple upholstered chairs that permit excellent sitting condition and modern look. […]

Designing Your Office with Custom Upholstered Furniture

These are beautiful interior furniture designed for commercial use particularly an office space. They provide an inviting atmosphere with a touch of class and uniqueness. The office entrance requires a relaxing design and furniture that welcomes the visitors. The upholstered door speaks volumes of what the interior feels like and gives visitors good impression of […]

Custom Upholstered Door

Many businesses overlook the importance of including the door in the design of the place. This is the entrance to the business and the very first decor to see, so the feel of the environment can be easily set by the door. An upholstered door panel is made to give your business place befitting look […]

Custom Sofa Upholstery

It is quite understandable that most people want customized upholstery sofas for their offices. This has always been the evidence of flourishing business and having access to attractive office décor with beautiful furniture. Some business-owners in Charlotte, NC are very fortunate to have this great collection of upholstered custom sofas not only to beautify their […]

Upholstered Custom Dining Furniture

Businesses that require dining areas such as restaurants and diners can benefit a lot from custom designed and upholstered dining furniture. Likewise, businesses with dining rooms can also enhance their places with custom dining furniture. Of course we are conscious of the need to keep the dining room clean but that is not enough – […]

Upholstered Custom Chair

It is almost always automatic that you need chairs at business places but probably not just any chair, especially if you are a person that loves good taste. Upholstered chairs are common corporate office decor and are found in almost every company all over the world, but some upholstered chairs are specifically made to meet […]

Hotel Room Sofa and Ottoman

Hotel room needs a befitting design and requires quality furniture to meet the modern standard. A beautifully designed sofa and ottoman made by upholstery experts is furniture that will make every hotel room look decent and appealing. Made of quality materials, the sofa offers comfort and creates conducive sitting positions whenever lodgers feel to have […]

Custom Upholstery in the Hospital

Healthcare businesses in Charlotte, North Carolina are being face-lifted with custom furniture supplied by the experts. A collection of high quality and perfectly created furniture enhances patient health care delivery and gives hospital the value it deserved. Asides from meeting the stipulated clinical standard, custom furniture makes the hospital’s environment very comfortable and facilitates proper […]