upholstered door

Custom Upholstered Door

Many businesses overlook the importance of including the door in the design of the place. This is the entrance to the business and the very first decor to see, so the feel of the environment can be easily set by the door.

An upholstered door panel is made to give your business place befitting look and express the uniqueness of the company. The beauty of this panel comes as a result of the material used in its production. Made for a commercial space in Charlotte, NC, this door design serves many purposes needed in many companies. It is a modern design made for modern business establishment. Its distinct look is exactly what every entrepreneur needs to add taste to his/her overall business improvement.

Upholstered doors are also designed to meet the standard of modern commercial office design. It is made from quality materials – the wood is carefully selected to last many years. The quality of the leather is impeccable and has high resistance to hash condition while it is expected to stay in shape for many years.

This door is easy to maintain and the polish paint makes it remain shining for a very long time. It can be reupholstered at any time without any negative effect on its quality and shape.