Custom Banquette

Restaurant Furniture Upholstery

The restaurant environment requires a relaxing and inviting atmosphere conducive to a great dining experience. Custom upholstered restaurant furniture is exactly what restaurants in Charlotte, NC and other cities need. Elegantly designed furniture also makes the restaurant look classy and appealing.

This set includes simple upholstered chairs that permit excellent sitting condition and modern look. They give customers comfortable seating as well as add to the beauty of the interior. Made by using durable materials of very high quality, the chairs come in various designs and shapes. They also come in different colorful slipcover fabrics.

The interior walls are decorated with colorful design to fit well into the restaurant’s status. The wall furniture serves various purposes aside from giving the restaurant a modern look. In order to make the interior more sophisticated and feel more relaxing, custom upholstered sofas are included in the restaurant layout and placed near the entrance for waiting customers or any other strategic position.

Also made with high quality materials and designed with a touch from professionals, these sofas are designed not to occupy a lot of space. Other upholstered furniture that add unique feature to restaurant includes designed table made of durable wood, upholstered doors, customized ceiling designed and colorful painting that gives the room an elegant look.

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